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Related article: Date: Fri, elwebbs ls model 29 Aug 2008 17:01:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rick James
Subject: Finding it different - Chapter 5Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. This story lola teen young bbs may not be distributed on
any pay site without the express written permission of the author. Any
comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to:
coolmewarmme: gentle4menuyahoo.comThis story may contain descriptions of sexual contact between young boys
and adult males. However, if you are looking for beauty bbs tgp
explicit and detailed
exploitation of boys you will be disappointed. The story is more about
an adults love for little boys and girls. If you are not of legal age to
read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter do not
read any further.I should appreciate receiving any comments or suggestions anyone might
have regarding this fantasy story. Such comments should be sent to:
coolmewarmme: gentle4menuyahoo.com
Chapter 5The sensual odor of spent cum and little boy sweat filled
the air and surrounded zeps guide bbs board our three bodies.. My face was covered with my own slippery sperm that I had just sucked
out of my little lover's boy-pussy and my uncut, dripping prick was soft and
hanging low with my hairless balls hanging incest bbs
even lower. The three of us were all in a semi-conscious
state brought bbs tiny teen
on by the vigorous sexual energy that each of us had just expended
in making love in various and erotic ways, helped teens forums bbs by the induced sniffing of
poppers, with the deep feeling of sexual satisfaction gripping each of us. Here I was, naked and lying on my big bed
with my right arm wrapped around my little beautiful and sexy 11 year old
cross-dressing boy belgische bbs who was still wearing her little, short skirt and cum
covered white blouse, with my warm, slimy cum still dripping from her boy-pussy
and my left arm cradling my naked, 13 year old lover boy who had just jerked
off over little Dee's cute face and body and who had a nice big uncut cock; who
also called me Daddy; and made utterly fantastic gay sex. It was hard to believe that just a few weeks
ago I thought that I was a straight male who had never given a thought of doing
anything sexual with another male and now today I was a full fledge addicted boy
lover who wanted more and more sex with these, and possibly others, beautiful
young male creatures. Awesome and
delightful!Rod was the first to begin to move as he slipped his head
over onto my chest and began sucking on my exposed nipple as his other small
hand found my soft, sticky cock and balls and began fondling my soft foreskin
with his sweet fingers. His soft touch
was so sensual and brought my big uncut prick back to life as he slowly rubbed
my foreskin back and forth as he continued sucking on my now hardened nipple as
if he were a suckling baby. The erotic
sensations were so wonderful. Rod's
actions also brought little Dee to life as she
lifted herself up and looked at what was happening. When she saw what Rod very young model bbs was doing to me she
gave me a big smile on her cute little face and began to unbutton her cum
stained blouse and slowly took it off exposing her sexy little pink training
bra that had matched her frilly thong panties that she had "lost" much
earlier. She reached behind her back and
undid her bra and let it drop onto the bed, exposing her supple chest. Her small, fragile, feminine hairless chest
with small undeveloped brownish colored nipples looked so soft and so very
inviting.. Dee
was acting like a hot little slut and I loved every bit of it as my cock was
hard as steel and standing straight up and already leaking precum.I looked down at Rod who was sucking my hard nipple but
noticed that his eyes were on Dee 's naked
little body and he had slipped his hand off my piece of hot flesh and he was
slowly jacking his own piece of meat. Suddenly, little Dee was kneeling at my head as she began to wipe her
little, but hard, wet prick across my lips at first but then she began softly
rubbing it all over my face leaving a trail of her warm precum on my nose,
eyes, cheeks ...wherever she touched me. It felt wonderful and the aroma of her precum, cock and little balls was
lovely.As Dee was "washing" my
face with her seeping little cock I was enjoying slowly beating my hard cock
when suddenly I felt a warm mouth engulf the bulbous head of my weeping
shaft. It was Rod and his warm mouth
felt fantastic as his tongue was licking like a snakes and the tingling that it
caused shot through my body as I trembled all over. His tongue slipped under my soft foreskin as
he cleaned my seeping head and the sensual licking felt awesome. He started swallowing my prick and sliding
the length of it deep into his mouth pussy until his lips were on my crotch and
he had my entire penis engulfed in his warm, wet mouth. I could feel the tip of my knob bang against
the back of his throat and it was obvious that Rod was getting to bikini image bbs be an expert
at deep throating a cock and I loved the sexual feeling that he was causing to
my entire body. No woman could ever
match his actions and I knew I all I wanted was cock and balls for my future
love making. It must have been a
fantastic sight to see � my cock being deep throated by a sexual young Adonis
while my face was being washed with precum from an even younger beautiful boy's
cock.Suddenly Rod's face was replaced by his small soft hand that
began to slowly jack my hard prick and then the next feeling I had was his tepid
mouth sucking on both my hairless balls with his warm, rough tongue bathing my
swollen gonads, as big as prunes, with his slippery warm saliva and sending
sensual tingles through my body. Then,
the unexpected happened as the next thing I felt was his little tongue flicking
out and licking at my puckered tight asshole and washing my man-pussy ring with
his warm saliva. The warm touch of his
little tongue was starting to drive me crazy with the desire for more as I
pushed my hips up giving Rod better access to my steamy anal ring as I felt his
tongue being forced into my tight ring of love as his flesh stabbed deeper into
me. His touch was driving me into a
sexual frenzy and all I wanted now was to feel his big cock fuck the hell out
of me! As these lurid thoughts were
going through my mind I felt little lean over me shock bbs porn and place her little hard
cocklette on my wet lips as I opened my mouth and let her slide her prick into
my salivating mouth.Rod imitated my previous fuck actions with little Dee as he
slipped under my legs and lifted them both high on his lean shoulders and began
working his oozing hard penis on the outside of my puckered wet opening as he
began pressing the bbs porn pics free tip of his cock harder against the opening to my love
canal. I was delirious with sexual
desire to be fucked by my young lover and my erotic craving to feel his big
cock slide deep into my man-pussy and fill me with his boy love juices was
overwhelming as I lifted my hips up, wanting so much more of my boy-lover and
reached down and grabbed hold bbs porn pics free
of my own steel-like shaft and slowly began
rubbing my soft, silky foreskin up and down. As I did this, little Dee shifted her frail little parent directory lo bbs body around and sat
on my chest, straddling her little legs around my tight body and she leaned
forward bbs topkds galleries and shoved her hard little dick into my gasping mouth.As I was in a sexual trance of love I suddenly gasped as I felt
Rod pushing his hard, wet prick at my puckered ring, pushing harder and
harder. Oh, how I really wanted my boy-lover to fuck me with
his big boy cock and to fuck me hard as I pleaded with Rod to force his
wonderful big penis into my man-pussy and fuck his sweet Daddy as I reached
down with my hands and spread my tight buns apart, thus giving Rod better
access to my cunt. Rod certainly
understood my erotic pleas as he pushed harder as he held his throbbing cock in
his hand and I felt his big, mushroomed knob stretching my outer ring muscle of
love as it slowly began to penetrate my hot ass hole. The searing pain caused by his big head
stretching my cunt muscles was young models bbs guestbook certainly present but in a sordid way it was so
pleasurable as I knew my boy-lover was gaining entrance to his queer Daddy's
man-cunt and I didn't want him to stop as I began to moan in pure sexual
delight as his entire mushroomed knob slipped past my tight puckered ring and
was held in place by my tight ring of love! "Oh fuck! You feel so fucking
good ...now put your whole cock into me! Fuck me baby ...fuck your bitchy Daddy's cunt!" I screamed, as I felt Rod
put more pressure on his pressing and his big prick started its slow but
determined and delightful journey down my tight fuck passage. It felt awesome as his long boy prick kept
sliding down deeper into me as incest bbs
my muscles kept squeezing him tightly in sheer
sexual bliss.Suddenly I felt the tip of Rod's fuckstick slide over a
small lump deep inside my bowels that was so very delicate and sensitive to his
touch and it sent erotic electrical shots through my entire body as I shook
violently from the lustful feeling gripping my body. I knew then that I was in sexual heaven and
that he had "found" my prostrate and was massaging it with his beautiful, big
cock and he was driving me to a fucking huge orgasm ...without my even touching
my oozing fuckmeat. The feeling was
incredibly delightful! Rod cried out
that I was so fucking tight as he began thrusting back and forth with each push
and touch sliding his cock head over my prostate as he said "Daddy, you're now
my big bitch and ukranian angels bbs you feel so tight ...I love you ...Oh, this feels so fucking
good! I never knew that fucking could be
and feel so great!" As his beautiful big
boy cock was enveloped in my ass and he was pounding my ass I was screaming,
moaning and loving each thrust he made deep into my fuck hole. Oh how I wanted his beautiful boy cock as my
body began to shudder as I cried out "Fuck me ...cum to me ...fill me with your
love juices ...I love you!" and without any warning or even touching my cock it just
exploded shooting globs and ribbons of hot, slimy, sticky cum out of my
throbbing piss slit and sending my ass high up in the air as I wanted and took
more of Rod's big prick deeper into my love box. My body convulsed with each ejaculation
releasing what felt like gallons of my pent up sex juice. At exactly the same moment, little Dee, who
had been sitting on my chest stroking her little cock against my wet lips,
began spewing her warm boy juices all over my face! Warm slimy cum was spewing and flying everywhere,
including onto Dee's back as my prick shot long stingy jets of semen high and
every direction. I was in cum paradise
and loving my two young bbs tiny teen
boys and their utterly fantastic pricks with all my
cock and sperm! The stench of warm spunk
filled the air all around the three of us and inhaling it was making the three
of us to have such wonderful sexual feelings and orgasms.As sticky sperm was splattering everywhere, Rod's constant
banging deep into my ass as his hairless ball sack was beating against my
spread buns was causing him to reach his high point as he began to breathe harder,
deeper and nudist pictures bbs was grunting with lust as his big prick began to swell deep inside
me and I could even feel his sperm tank draw up tight as he made one final,
grand thrust and his big shaft started spewing hot sperm deep into my bowels,
flooding my love tunnel with his boy juices as he yelled "Ahhhh ...Mmmm
Fuck! bbs tiny teen
Take it bitch! Take my cum you queer cocksucker!" I was in fuck heaven as his body slumped onto
me as he continued expelling his slimy semen deep inside me. I was amazed that I could feel each and every
glorious throb of his big swollen prick as he shot his beautiful young boy
sperm into my man-pussy and his lithe body shook and trembled all over as his
orgasm was so very intense and loving! The warm feeling of his tepid sperm bathing my bowels was glorious and I
loved every spurt, parent directory lo bbs
every throb, every glob and I knew that my man-pussy had to
have lots more intrusions like this one that filled me with delight and sexual
fulfillment. Having my boy lover's big
cock filling my anal tunnel and my bowels being filled with his love juice as
my other and new little lover ejaculated his young boy juice over my face was
simply awesome and totally sensual. Could this moment ever be topped? I'm not sure but I am going to find out soon! Want to join me?Comments/Suggestions to Coolmewarmme at:

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